A project tracker that works for you (a Data Blaze template)


Hi everyone,
How do you manage your projects and tasks?
At Text Blaze we use Data Blaze for that, and we have a template to help you get started.

With the Data Blaze project tracker, you can:

  1. Create views of your projects and tasks such as "open tasks", "delayed projects", "tasks due next week", etc.
  2. Share views with external users. For example, share with a customer a view of their project's tasks.
  3. Create external forms to collect information from external users, such as new project requests or new tasks.

Text Blaze makes it easy for you to interact with your project tracker from anywhere:

  1. Send someone a new task over email and automatically add it to the tracker.
  2. Send a task update over chat and update the tracker accordingly.
  3. Send the team a project status update by typing a keyboard shortcut.
    task status update

Explore the task tracker here
If you have questions or need help implementing such a tracker, comment here or reach out to us (support@blaze.today)


This is pretty cool, I really need to sit down when I get some time to have a proper play with DB. I can think of a couple of useful applications.