Additional feature for admins to remove users from other organizations

I'm an admin for an organizations that deals with granting people permissions and fielding requests for people that join the org. On occasion we'll have someone move from one part of the company to ours and when that happens we need to contact the previous organization to remove them manually. This delays their training as Text Blaze is crucial to many job functions.

It would be nice to be able to take out the middleman and either have one of two things happen:

  • When a user accepts a new organization invite it will give them the option to remove themselves from the previous organization.
  • Give admins the power to remove a user from a previous organization.

Thank you so much in advance!

We found that deleting the entire account and having them log back in is a good workaround to this issue. However, if they have snippets they're attached to it causes the learner to take a few manual actions before moving forward in this manner.