Allowing Custom Shortcuts in a shared folder

Hello! I'm an individual user who has a meeting with my managment team to try and get our support agents on board with TextBlaze (they will of course follow up with a rep after the meeting.)

My question is this: With a business or enterprise account, are you able to allow users to customize what commands they use for each shortcut? For example:

User 1: Hello Assist (/has): Hello! My name is ___, how can I assist you today?
User 2: Hello Assist (/hassist): Hello! My name is ___, how can I assist you today?

Are we able to lock in the content of a snippet while giving users the freedom to define how they input?

Hi Dylan.

Welcome to the community, nice to see you here, and we are pleased to help you. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, shortcuts cannot be changed on a user basis, once a snippet folder is shared, then the shortcut is the same for all of its users. However, a user is able to create a new snippet with a shortcut of his/her preference, then import inside the shared snippet using the {import: /snippet} command.

About locking snippets, if the folder is shared with the users as viewer, then the content of the snippets will not be editable to the users it's shared with. However, they still can use those snippets with all the embedded features, including form fields and dynamic logic.

If each user needs some custom content inside his/her snippet, there're two options to use here:

Please let me know if you have any more questions.