Awesome user stories: Logan Graham

Hello again Blaze community! :fire:

We have been working on showcasing the stories of our users, and this one is about user @log62000!

If you're interested in automating Google Calendar invitations, Logan's user story is one that you should check out. :eyes:

Logan works for Redfin (an online real estate site). As a sales representative, his job is to communicate with people who are interested in Redfin. He needs to reach them as quickly as possible, which is why he uses Text Blaze!

He uses snippets to help respond to customer questions and inform them about Redfin itself.

For example, he uses one snippet to quickly send Google Calendar invitations. The snippet automatically fills out the required information for the invitation and inserts comments.

Here's the snippet:

Interview{note} with {formtext: name=Name; default=Maxi}

Email: {formtext: name=email;}

{endnote: trim=right}
{note: preview=no; insert=yes}{repeat: 10}{key: tab}{endrepeat}{wait}{cursor}{=email}{key: enter}{wait}{repeat: 17}{key: tab}{endrepeat}{wait: delay=.5s}60{repeat: 9}{key: tab}{endrepeat}{wait: delay=.5s}{endnote}Hi {=name}, I'm excited to interview you about your {formtext: default=research} for my website! During the call, I'd like us to discuss your findings on {formmenu: dinosaurs; default=carnivorous plants; default=sewer-dwelling armadillos; multiple=yes; formatter=item -> join(item, "BLAZE_AND")}.

This GIF shows it in action:

redfin gif

We appreciate you, Logan, for sharing this interesting use of Text Blaze! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Thank you again for being a part of this awesome community! :fire: