Bug on Gmail link insersion


When trying to insert a link with TextBlaze in Gmail, the first attempt always fails :

What can I do to avoid that issue ?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Maxence_Walbrou thanks for reporting the bug. I am able to reproduce the bug. I will try to fix it asap.

Has this always been the issue or are you facing it recently? Please let me know.

Hello @Gaurang_Tandon and thank you for your reply.
I think it was working in the past, but am not sure of it (tested different text expander in january 2023 before choosing yours).

Got it. It seems this issue only impacts the shortcuts inserted from Text Blaze Assistant. For now, you can insert the shortcuts by typing them directly or by using the right click context menu. They should work as expected.

Indeed, it is an assistant issue !
But as I use it in 99% of my usage, it is quite annoying :sweat_smile:

Will you correct it even if the other options are working?

Yes I will update the extension soon with an updated version and bugfix.

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Thank you :pray:
By the way, do you have any idea of why I don't receive email notification of your answers here ?

My settings :

I am not sure :frowning: Maybe you are receiving the emails on a different email address, or they are going in your spam folder. If neither is the case, feel free to email me at gaurang@blaze.today and I can check why it's not working for you.