Can an imported JPG image file be automatically formatted with a snippet?

Hi Scott / Cedric

Is it possible to import a jpg image file into a snippet and automatically resize it? ie without having to do it manually one by one.

Can it be done with multiple imported images into a snippet?

George Marinos?

Hi @George_Marinos,

Could you give me a practical example of what you're trying to do? Maybe we can work it out.

I am using Text Blaze to format Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy reports. The text input is what you have been helping me lately.

However, in addition to the text inputs we also embed 6-12 jpg images that are captured during the patient procedure as shown below; however as you can see it is very large and it needs to be resized to about 50% (ideally I would like to fit 3 images across an A4 page along a single row); if that is not possible then vertical column will suffice.

I am wondering if the resizing can be automated?

Admin note: Replaced original image with something a bit more viewer friendly :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Text Blaze doesn't offer image resizing capabilities. You'll need to resize the images manually in a dedicated software.