Can I use split on text that I grab off the page?

Hey guys thanks for this awesome plugin, I use it for my search engine evaluation gig. Glad to pay for the pro version!

I can grab and display the query on the page with this command {site: text; selector=.query-text; frame=self}

What I want to do is take this value, split it using a delimiter of space, and then display the first word of the query.

In JS this is quite easy I can do query = split(query,' ') and then just call query[0] or query[1].

Can I do this same kind of thing using Text Blaze? I want to split the following rendered value using space as the delimiter "{site: text; selector=.query-text; frame=self}", and then grab the word at index i. How can this be done?

Nevermind I figured it out I simply use this

{=split({site: text; selector=.query-text; frame=self}," ")[1]}

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Awesome! Well done on your initiative @Richard_Rader :blush: