Can numbers in numbered list be replaced by BULLETT POINTS?


Wandering if it is possible to replace the numbers in a numbered list with bullett points?

Below is an example of what I refer to as a numbered list:

Hi @George_Marinos

First, let me break down what's happening.

The {=i} is recalling the contents of the variable "i", which is increasing with every repeat. That's what's giving you the number in front of every point.

So, if you want to change that into a bullet point, you need to change that part. Here's the updated version:

{note}Pattern of abdominal pain: {formmenu: name=patternap; multiple=yes; has no recognisable pattern; is post-prandial; occurs before meals; is nocturnal; occurs before defaecation; occurs after defaecation; occurs upon bending over or stooping; occurs on lifting or straining; is progressive without remission; is cyclical - usually at monthly intervals; Other...}
{if: len(patternap) > 0 and count(patternap) > 0; trim=yes}
The pattern of the abdominal pain: {repeat: for i in seq(1, count(patternap))}
- {if: patternap[i] == "Other..."}{formtext: name=Please specify...}{else}{=patternap[i]}{endif}{endrepeat}
{endif: trim=left}

Cedric that is exactly what I was hoping for.


Thanks again


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