Can one delay processing in a snippet?

I have a few snippets that look up values from a ["key","value"] list (about 800 key pairs). Each snippet takes between 5 and 10 standard scores, converts each to a Z score, and looks up Z scores to find the corresponding percentile scores.

My problem is that Text Blaze appears to be re-looking up each key as I go along (it's a little too dynamic!):

enter key1; TB looks up key1,
enter key2; TB looks up key1 (again) and key2,
enter key3; TB looks up key1 (again), key2 (again), and key3...

For the first few entered keys the lookup, while a little sluggish, is bearable. By the 8th key or so, the lookup takes several seconds, and TB's cpu usage goes to 150% or so.

What I'd like to do is enter all the keys, then click something to have TB look up all the pairs in one go. I tried to withhold the key pair list by using:

{formtext: name=wait; default=no}
{if: wait=="yes"}
{import: /lookup} // this is the key pair list
{import: /frm} // this is the form for entering keys

I thought I might be able to enter all the keys, change 'wait' to 'yes,' and let TB look up all the keys just once. But the 'wait' item had no effect: TB knew very well how to find "lookup" and looked up each entered key from 'lookup' as the keys were entered.

Am I outa luck here?

I think I got it:

{import: /ss} // the form for entering data
{formtoggle: name=wait; default=no}
{if: wait=="yes"}
{import:/lookup} // the lookup table
{import:/action} // the snippet with the heavy lifting

This is giving me the delay I wanted.

Glad it is working!

Just a quick note that allowing user input to interrupt and take precedence over snippet reevaluation is on the todo list and should be done this year. That should solve any lag issues that appear in super complex snippets like this.