Can't get {cursor} placeholder to work on large pieces of text

I am attempting to use the {cursor} placeholder for an email template I am using that is about 2300 characters. However, the cursor never ends up being placed where I am intending it to be placed. I attempt to have it before a comma in the intro, like the message below, but it always ends up showing up after the comma or in the space below the first line:

Hey {cursor},

This is Matt from the leasing office

I have noticed for shorter templates (100 to 200 characters), the placeholder works fine and the cursor is put exactly where I want it to be. However, for these larger text blocks, there is no orientation of spaces, extra characters, or extra lines that seems to get the cursor exactly where I intend it to be. Seems like a pretty easy task to accomplish, but I have had a lot of issues figuring it out. Any tips or is this a bug?

Hi @Matt_Swanson,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues. Let me check with our tech team and get back to you.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this!

Could you share where you are using the longer snippets? Also, is the snippet plain text or styled text?

Thank you Scott and Cedrick!

It is styled text with several embedded links, and other formatting. I am using it on a private platform for my workplace called Funnel. I use it to paste in email templates into their message wizard for our clients. I should also mention the shorter messages that it was working with were not styled at all.

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Does this issue happen on other sites or only your internal site? E.g. if you try to use the snippet on Gmail does it place the cursor correct?

It looks like it seems to place it correctly on Gmail and Trello, but not outlook browser login or Microsoft teams browser login.

Thanks for the additional information. I can confirm I see an offset when testing this in Outlook. We'll look into this and get it fixed.

For what it's worth, I'm came across this post while seeking a solution to the same issue, but in Gmail. (Same issue including; it works fine on a smaller bit of text, but doesn't work on a larger bit that also includes an image). (Playing around a little more, it repositions fine to places below the image, but not above it.)

Hi @Kim_Sweeney,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I'll escalate to our tech team.

EDIT: Dev team is investigating the issue. Thanks again for reporting.

Hi @Cedric_Debono_Blaze

I'm having the same issue in Gmail. Unfortunately, I just bought the pro version to add images, but now this doesn't work, which makes the snippet a bit useless :grimacing: Did you find a solution for this?

Hi @Jan_Segier - welcome to the forum.

That's odd. Snippets with images should work fine in Gmail. Could you please email us on

Kindly add a link to this thread for reference :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know. Could you please share the snippet with me so that I can take a look into why the images breaks cursor positioning? Thanks.

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