Capitalized words

Hello everybody

I used to have snippets in TextExpander capitalizing the word when the trigger was also capitalized; the same snippet would not capitalize if the trigger was not capitalized

In Text Blaze this does not seem to work and the end result is always the word as was written down when the snippet was created

Is there a way of making the same snippet work for capitalized and non capitalized words, or do I need to duplicate the snippet, one for the capitalized word, and another for the non capitalized word?

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Hi Paulo,

This isn't currently supported. Could you describe your use cases for the feature?

For now, yes, you would need two snippets.

Thank you Scott

Most of the times the words or phrases abbreviated need to be alternatively capitalized or not capitalized, depending on where in the text you are using them

Abbreviating a word is not much use if I have to get back and capitalize the first letter

For instance, the word "preparation" may get an abbreviation like "prepp"; I would like to type prepp and get "preparation" and Prepp and get "Preparation"

Both Text Expander and the Apple keyboard shortcuts do this, which is very helpful

Please consider adding this feature to your product

All the best

Thanks for the description Paulo!

To make sure I 100% understand you would like a "capitalize" feature that when enabled for the snippet would cause the first letter of the snippet to match the case of how the first letter of the snippet's shortcut was typed.

So as an example I have a snippet shortcut "qk" which is replaced with "The quick brown fox."

If we enable the feature for the snippet and I typed "qk" or "qK", Text Blaze would insert "the quick brown fox" (lowercase "t").

If I typed, "Qk" or "QK", Text Blaze would insert "The quick brown fox." (capital "T")

Is that correct? What would you expect to happen in the case if the shortcut was "/qk"? Would the feature just not work? Or would it look at the first letter ("q" in this case)?


Thank you for this

The user needs to adapt the abbreviations to the effect wanted; if you start an abbreviation with / you lose the effect

When you want to control how the word is expanded you need to create an abbreviation with words in the beginning

As to how it would work, the most functional alternative would be this:


  • qk expands “the quick brown fox”

  • Qk expands “The quick brown fox”

  • QK expands “THE QUICK BROWN FOX”

  • qK does not seem to be something one would do and I cannot remember any possible use that would be a logical consequence of typing such an abbreviation

In case the abbreviation is /qk I would not expect this type of functionality to be available, but then by user choice

Thanks for your attention to this

Got it!

Thanks for the detailed feedback on this. We'll think about what we can do on this.