Change of tab and work

I would like to know if it is possible to change tabs in chrome and continue working the autoresponder because it happens to me that it gets buggy and stops writing when I change tabs.

Any advice?

Hi @Nicole_Leyva you can continue to tabs in Chrome while you continue to work on the form window at the same time. Is there any specific issue you have seen when you do that? A screenshot would be helpful.

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It continues but typing does not work, i.e. it auto types, but sending by pressing enter does not work :frowning:

Okay let me rephrase your question:

  1. You have a snippet with multiple autopilot commands (like Enter/Arrow/Tab etc.) that takes about a minute to run
  2. You run this snippet in Chrome Tab 1
  3. Then, before the snippet finishes, you switch to Chrome Tab 2.
  4. The snippet is still running in Chrome Tab 1, and it fails to press Enter to send the message.

Is that what your question means?

If so, I regret to inform you that we don't officially support running autopilot snippets in a background tab. If a snippet is running in a tab, we suggest that tab should be focused and active in the foreground.

Let me know if that helps.

Ola Gaurang have something similar,

I would like to know how the focus changes from tab 01 to tab 02.
Iā€™m filling out a form he fills correctly the 01 tab, the code advances and opens a new tab, but he does not continue filling the 01 tab, he does not identify the change of focus.

First part of the code

{Wait: delay=+1s}
{click: selector=#myTabs >}
{Wait: delay=+1s}
{key: tab}{Wait: delay=+0.2s}{key: tab}{Wait: delay=+0.2s}{key: tab}{Wait: delay=+0.2s}{key: }{Wait: delay=+0.2s}

{key: enter} <<<<<<<<<< opens a new tab

{Wait: delay=+3s}

It no longer finds the elements of tab 02, this running in tab 01

Hi @Felipe_Castro

That is correct. Each snippet continues to run in its original tab only. We don't currently support switching tabs while a snippet is already running.

That feature is planned, but we don't have an ETA yet.