Changes in snippet not saving

@scott I'm working on a snippet and when I add or delete things, in this case a variable, it's doing some crazy stuff.
Vidyard Recording?

Very strange.

I'm wondering if you have multiple windows open to that snippet. Do you think that is the case? If you do, and you close all but one of this windows, does that fix the issue?

Is this a new issue or have you seen it before.

I may have. I've never seen this problem before. Even when I had it open on 2 computers at the same time.
I signed out and refreshed the page and no difference. I'll check again in a little while and report back.

Hi @scott I'm back at my computer. I think that you are correct, thank you. I opened only one window and had no issue. I duplicated the tab and that same problem came back. Good to be aware of. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great! Thanks for the update. We'll still make sure this gets fixed, but glad there is a workaround.