Chrome Locking Up

Not sure if this extension is the cause, but seems to be after installing and using it, Chrome keeps locking up on me and is really laggy at times. Is this normal?

Hi @Tim_Schreier
That is not normal.

  1. Since what date is this issue happening for you?
  2. What are the other Chrome extensions do you have installed? It is possible that Text Blaze is in conflict with another Chrome extension that you have.
  3. Is the lagging happening when you visit any website, or only for specific websites?

If you want to share details privately, please feel free to connect with me at

I don't know the date exactly. The extentions I have is ublock (company installed), 1password, and kasm-open in isolation and the text blaze and that's it.

It's on all website where chrome goes to "not responding.

Interesting. Thanks for the details. Please email me at so I can look into this issue in more detail. I would like to setup a short call with you to check the specific further.