Collapsible fields

I really hope this functionality already exists, if not would it be possible to do at all?!?

I would like to create a bulleted list of topics.

The person receiving it may be familiar and thinks they do not have time to read through it all. A glance at the bulleted list is enough for them.
*Simple but needs a bit of Clarification.
There may be users nearly as confident as the previous group mentioned but may need help or clarification on one particular topic. They could click the item in the bulleted list to reveal a whole paragraph, clicking the item again should collapse it back into the list.

To be clear I do want this to behave like form toggle
BUT for the end user who is not using Textblaze.


Have a bulleted list where each entry is a link to a paragraph in the same Textblaze. How would this even work accross everywhere where one can use textblaze...

As you can see, I believe in magic so I really hope someone can help me. Thanks everyone in advance.

Hi @Zita_Daniel_Nad

Thanks for your suggestion. Much as I like the idea, I doubt it will be possible to implement. Once Text Blaze has inserted a snippet, the inserted text exists exclusively on the platform where it was inserted, so Text Blaze will have absolutely no control over that content.

What I would suggest is to have the various pieces of content on your business' website, and then put links to them inside the snippet itself.

Thank you. I understand it is a task with too many moving parts but had to ask.
Great suggestion too. Thank you so much for replying.

Absolutely. You did the right thing. You should always ask, even if you think that something might be too far-fetched.

After three years of using TB, I'm STILL discovering new ways to use it. And some of the stuff I do today I'd never have imagined possible a year ago.

On top of that, we have a brilliant team of engineers who are really pushing TB's capabilities to the limit. They're not only very skilled programmers but also incredibly creative.

I honestly can't wait to share our next releases with the community. :blush:

Clearly you love your job, so wonderful to hear. And yes, you do have a great tool and we love to use it! Thank you so much for the feedback and thank the team for a great product and service!

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It's easy to love the job when I'm working with such an amazing product, team AND community :blush: