Conditional date

I use Text Blaze to track lot numbers and expiration dates for medications in medical notes. I need Text Blaze to notify me if a shortcut is used after a specific date so that I don't use an outdated lot number or expiration date.

Is it possible to set this up with the paid version of Text Blaze? Can it also be done with the free version?

Thank you.

Hi @Daniel_G,

Yes, you can do that by adding a blocking error in your snippet if today's date is later than expiry date. It can also be done with free version with a limitation of five snippets can be used per day. I have created a sample snippet doing the same.

{expiry_date="2024-05-25"}{if: datetimediff(expiry_date, today(), "D")>0}{error: Shortcut is expired; block=yes}{endif}

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