Copy of Snippet "5.02 Intro to Constitution"

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Hello Historian, {formtext: name=Student Name}! THE U.S. CONSTITUTION! :scroll: The U.S. Constitution was created to address many of the challenges that the new U.S. government faced after the American Revolution. It eventually became the supreme law of the land and defined the United States as a nation. For this graphic organizer, we will focus on the events, key ideas, and people who influenced the creation of the Constitution! 
{=`student name`}, :mag_right: Let's take a look at the rubric below to see how you did on this assignment:

:page_with_curl: Shay's Rebellion- {formmenu: default=4; 3; 2; 1; 0; name=sha}
{formmenu: default=Yes! You wrote about Shay's rebellion and how it influenced the constitution.\ ; You are on the right track! Add a few details about the specifics of Shay's Rebellion? Think: WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY?; name=shay}
:page_with_curl: Drafters of the Constitution - {formmenu: default=4; 3; 2; 1; 0; name=dr}
{formmenu: default=Amazing! Alexander Hamilton- supported the idea of a new and improved constitution. ; Yes, James Wilson- wrote the first draft.; Yes, James Madison- recorded all information talked about; Yes, Benjamin Franklin- a key person involved in the draft. ; Oh no! In this section, you are asked to include the name of one of the men who helped to write the Constitution.; multiple=no}
:page_with_curl:The Great Compromise - {formmenu: default=4; 3; 2; 1; 0; name=gc}{formmenu: default=Fist bump :facepunch: Wonderful job explaining The Great Compromise.; That is correct, what was the proposed idea?\ ; Please go back into the Module 5.02 Lesson for information on The Great Compromise.; name=great comp}
:page_with_curl: Political Concepts - {formmenu: default=4; 3; 2; 1; 0; name=pc} {formmenu: default=Impressive! You named at least 3 of the political concepts included in the Constitution.\ ; So close! Remember, you are asked to include at least 3 political concepts included in the Constitution.\ ; name=pol}
:page_with_curl:Philosopher - {formmenu: default=4; 3; 2; 1; 0; name=p} {formmenu: default=Alright! Aristotle- government by the people, the constitution could organize and ensure freedom, a limited power of leaders; Alright! Thomas Hobbes- idea of liberty, life without government could be dangerous.; Alright! John Locke-natural rights, life/liberty/property\ ; \ Yes! Don't forget we need to capitalize proper nouns.; Oh no! You want to write a philosopher who influenced the Constitution.\ }

{=`student name`}'s score: {=sha+ dr+ gc+ pc+ p}/20 
{formmenu: default=I hope you enjoyed learning about this living document! It has managed to stand the test of time and is still in use today. In the next lesson, you are going to investigate exactly what went into writing the Constitution and why the Founding Fathers made the decisions they did. You are learning so much!; You are working so hard on your graphic organizer and you are on the right path. However, I would like to review this lesson a little more closely. Please review the rubric above to see where you can go back and add more details. I bet this video will help! I look forward to receiving your resubmission. I know you can do it!; name=end}