Copy of Snippet "Bariatric Exercise Program"

the following exercises were instructed and reviewed for HEP (pre-op and post-op)
Precaution 1*: no resistance exercise until 3 week post-op visit with surgeon
Precaution 2*: no abdominal exercise until 30d post-op

standing heel raise x 20
standing ankle stretch x30sec
squats x10
"suck and tuck" -- 5sec x 5
shoulder rolls red x 20
chest pulls red x 20
rows red x 20
bilateral shoulder ER  red x 20
supine posterior pelvic tilt (PPT) x 10
supine marching with PPT x 10
supine heel slides with PPT x 10
abdominal brace with straight leg raise -- red x 20
curl ups x 10
seated hamstring stretch 30sec x 10
walk 30min/day (verbal review)