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Hello {note}student name{endnote}, this is Amanda with the online business opportunity you inquired about. I wanted to reach out welcome you to our family! We specialize in Performance Blogging and Online Success. We have been helping people succeed with an online income for over 9 years now. We have a proven process to get you started, and as you should have already seen from your initial Account Admin, there are 3 Steps we like to have you do in order.

Step 1: Contact your Specialist, this is our Advanced Program. While it is not for everyone, those that qualify are gaining access to some truly amazing methods. Then after you have seen if that is for you, we want you to go to the next step.

Step 2: That is where I come in. I’ll be here when you have completed your time with your Specialist.

Here is my contact information:
Phone 352-403-0902 you can text or call!

Whether you go forward with the Advanced Program with your Specialist or not, I’ll be here to get you going with Performance Blogging, either to add to everything you get going there, or to get you going with the final step.

Step 3: Getting you going with Performance Blogging and profit from this Amazing System!

So please call your Specialist, their number is {note}exact specialist number from trello{endnote}.Once you have spoken to them and decided if you are moving forward with the specialist or would like to move forward for 1 on 1 support from me with the system i am currently using, let me know so I can make sure you have access to all the support you need.

I look forward to working with you!