Copy of Snippet "Bug slack response"

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out! To assist you with this issue, could you please create a support ticket using go/samtask?

Here's a quick guide:

  1. Navigate to: go/samtask
  2. Click on: SAM Tasks
  3. Click on: Problem
  4. Input the following details:
    1. Summary: Provide a brief description of issue.
    2. Description: Provide a concise summary of the bug, including what the bug is, where it occurs, and its impact on the system or user.
      1. Steps to Reproduce:
        1. Step 1: [Detailed step to start]
        2. Step 2: [Detailed step to reproduce]
        3. Step 3: [Continue until the bug is reproduced]
      2. Expected Result: Describe what you expected to happen when following the steps above.
      3. Actual Result: Describe what actually happened instead of the expected result.
      4. Impact: Explain how this bug affects users and the business.
      5. Link to Record (if applicable):
    3. Attached screenshot to ticket (if applicable):
    4. Which Tool? Salesforce
    5. Location:
    6. Priority: (If it's urgent, please tag your lead)
Our CRM team will look into this as soon as possible.
Thank you!