Copy of Snippet "Code Review Access"

To get started we will need to create a copy of your site in our local development environment. This way we can safely do a code review without risk to your current live and/or development environment. 

The easiest way is if you provide SSH access to your current site, so we can create a local copy for our code review. Please create the credentials for us or add our public key authentication:

`ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQD7yggHI5oV5Ti1LZBvOd7vXQ+llK/7tqqkPnsD5TupaLn3abVIMXVBh2oVraa1nITkFF0omLDmD4ANM/6WXuXQY+OfHHsyHm7tE47OSv+bepZcj5uxn+6mDGL4yBzZ52fC4WrFKK7HKqo130mh7BKhfBigpCY1n9bfxi3xOPgSy/QW2+TUs3JnfhW/MxAEn5qGYzfDHKnQ8E0GpY9/uw7pyClDhHfngeXG7kuFlxZ9ZnbBdoG9qngNLeE+3+8v1+IFAVRVYp1kagf5hnExrbOgy3UR352oW+fJ8xJpntgtUOalZii7i8OhA3FdRJDfOLcgRDayM/BVivAF2L5cOdkn`

You will also need to whitelist our IP address (

Alternatively, you can send us an archive of your code, database and media files. Please make sure this is the most up to date site you want us to review.