Copy of Snippet "Code Review"

Code Review:

  • Create a full copy of the current site within IronPlane's development environment. This includes version control, local development, and staging environment (assuming IronPlane will provide ongoing support after this Work Order)
  • Review security and vulnerabilities. This includes reviewing security patches and directory access
  • Review core Magento files for changes
  • Review theming structure
  • Review all extensions installed
  • Review all custom features
  • Review integrations - i.e. ERP
  • Provide an estimate to repair items uncovered in audit and any initial items you have requested we look at
  • Build out an initial 90 day road map
  • Provide a written summary of all findings
The code review is based on time and materials and the hourly rate is $148. I would estimate between 15 and 25 hours unless we have to dive into any custom features or integrations (i.e.ERP) in more detail.