Copy of Snippet "CTR"

Please follow physician restrictions until you follow up with them.
Watch for signs of infection (redness, pus, temperature change, increased pain) - if present call the Doctor
OK to use running water and soap to clean (showers are okay) - please avoid being aggressive to incision for 2-3 days
No soaking or submerging in standing water for *** days (ex: bath or dish water)
Keep covered for *** days, then as you feel you need to cover, please do so.
Change the band-aid or bandage each day.
In *** days, please begin to massage your incision with lotion (we recommend palmer's cocoa butter) in circles/across/along 2-3 minutes, 2 times per day
In *** days, please begin to lightly rub over incision with a towel or different textures to desensitize the area 2-3 minutes, 2 times per day
No squeezing/gripping/weight bearing for - 4 weeks
Normal use - 6 weeks