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It was good talking to you for the Module 3 DBA today.
We discussed {formmenu: default=Federalism; Delegated, Reserved, and Concurrent Powers; Florida Constitution vs US Constitution; Rule of Law; Types of Law; Lawmaking; Court Systems; Jury Trials; Solving Local Problems; name=Topics; multiple=yes}.
{formtoggle: name=Review; default=yes}Please review {formmenu: default=Federalism (-5); Delegated, Reserved, and Concurrent Powers (-5); Florida Constitution vs US Constitution (-5); Rule of Law (-5); Types of Law (-5); Lawmaking (-5); Court Systems (-5); Jury Trials (-5); Solving Local Problems (-5); name=Topics to Review; multiple=yes}. {endformtoggle}
Good job finishing up module 3. Now you will take the module 3 exam and the segment exams. I can't wait to see you in segment two!
Mr. Baer
{formtext: name=Grade}/50
The password is power. It will open the 3.10 Test as well as the Segment Exams. Good luck!
Confirmed Address.