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{formtext: name=Name},
It was good talking to you for the Module 4 DBA today.
We discussed {formmenu: default=Different Perspectives; Judicial Review; Plessy; Brown; Gideon; Miranda; In Re Gault; Tinker; Hazelwood; Media and Interest Groups; US vs Nixon; elections; Bush vs Gore; The Electoral College; name=Topics; multiple=yes}.
{formtoggle: name=Review; default=yes} Please review {formmenu: default=Different Perspectives (-5); Judicial Review (-5); Plessy (-5); Brown (-5); Gideon (-5); Miranda (-5); In Re Gault (-5); Tinker (-5); Hazelwood (-5); Media and Interest Groups (-5); US vs Nixon (-5); elections (-5); Bush vs Gore (-5); The Electoral College (-5); name=Topics to Review; multiple=yes}.{endformtoggle}
In the next module you will learn all about foreign and domestic policy decision and different types of government around the world. Good luck on the exam.
Mr. Baer
{formtext: name=Grade}/50
The password is shoes. It will open the 4.10 Test as well as the Module 5 quizzes. Good luck