Copy of Snippet "Discovery"

Discovery phase that includes:

  • Migration plan from your current site
  • Site architecture review (various store views for specific clients)
  • Design review and planning 
  • Discussing and planning taxonomy
  • Developing a product architecture plan
  • Provide proposed sitemap
  • List of 3rd party integration credentials and requirements - eg ERP
  • Review and plan for B2B/B2C features
  • Review and plan for CRM features
  • Review and plan shipping integration
  • Summary of business rules (shipping, tax, customer groups, pricing, terms and conditions) to set up in the system
  • Review of native Magento features and indicating which will be configured as part of this project.
  • Review payment tools
  • Review costs and features of Magento Commerce versus Open Source edition based on analysis above
  • Complete estimate and plan for M2 build out.
The Discovery Phase is based on time/materials ($148/hr.) and we estimate it would take approximately 30 hours to complete (assuming we don't need to take a deep dive with any ERP integrations or custom features).
We can start a Discovery Phase within 1-2 weeks of a signed agreement. You would have no obligation to move forward after Discovery (we certainly hope you do). It's a chance for you to work with our team and for us to prove ourselves.