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Learn more about Clio’s new payments features - Following-up my Voicemail{note}<----Cut this Subject line and paste into Subject of email{endnote}
Hi {formtext: name=Customer First Name},

My name is {user: name}, and I’m a payments specialist at Clio. I’m reaching out because we’ve launched an all-new payments platform built into Clio Manage that can benefit your law firm with added flexibility and new features.
With Clio’s new payment solution you can:  

  • Accept eCheck (ACH) payments directly in Clio at a flat fee of $2.00 
  • Accept all major credit cards with a simple, transparent, flat rate that does not change depending on the card your client uses and has no other card network fees
  • Set multiple payment plans per client with more scheduling options 
  • Store payment methods to facilitate recurring payments and much more
If you’d like to discuss your current billing and payments process and how you can take advantage of this new functionality, book an appointment {link: Chili Piper}HERE{endlink}. {note}This hyperlink uses your Clipboard Contents!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COPIED THE CASE ID FROM THE URL BEFORE INSERTING THIS SNIPPET!!!!{endnote} 

Kind regards,
{user: name}