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Touch target sizes across the app are smaller than 48dp recommended. Some targets overlap. Any on-screen element that someone can click, touch, or otherwise interact with should be large enough for reliable interaction. Consider making sure these elements have a width and height of at least 48dp

[User Impact]
When touch areas of controls overlap each other users of assistive technologies may unable to directly access a control by touch or activate the wrong control when navigating logically.
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Developers should ensure that the accessible focus area is limited to the physical area used by the control on screen and it does not cover other controls. Controls that are layered must have their focus areas modified to ensure that an upper layer control does not capture accessible gestures intended for a control at a lower layer. Simple gestures such as taps are sent to the center point of a control's accessible focus area.
When implementing clickable or touchable elements in a layout, consider using dimensions that meet or exceed the recommended size for touch targets.

[Compliant Code Example]

[Compliant Code Example]
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Compliant Example
// A text label whose focus area is confined to the screen area used by the text.
Non-Compliant Example
// A text label whose focus area completely covers an adjacent button.

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