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PT Eval Assessment

Patient is {formtext: name=Age and sex} presenting to outpatient physical therapy with the chief complaint of {formtext: name=Chief complaint}. Patient's signs and symptoms consistent with primary {formmenu: default=nociceptive; neuropathic; nociplastic; name=Pain mechanism} pain attributed to {formtext: name=PT diagnosis}. This is in the environment of {formtext: name=Impairment contributing to condition} and complicated by {formtext: name=Yellow flags etc.}. Patient prior level of function involved {formtext: name=PLOF}, however patient has been unable to {formtext: name=Current level of function}. Physical examination findings indicate the follow impairments: {formtext: name=Quality/Quantity of ROM; default=decreased} range of motion, {formtext: name=Joint Play; default=reduced} joint mobility, functional weakness in {formtext: name=Weakness in body region}{cursor}. Patient will benefit from skilled physical therapy services to address the above impairments. Based on patient history, examination of body systems, clinical presentation, clinical decision making, and consideration of other contributing factors this a {formmenu: default=low; moderate; high; name=Complexity level} complexity evaluation.