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Alicia R follow up email

Hi {formtext: name=Name},

It was an absolute pleasure talking with you on the phone today, and assisting you with {formtext: name=What assisted with}. Just to confirm, we {formtext: name=Review of what we did}.

As I was reviewing your account, I couldn't help but notice your photo gallery on your restaurant profile. Looks wonderful, {formtext: name=Something like within photo gallery, relate to}. I always love to look at restaurant gallery photos, because it encourages me to set goals to visit new amazing locations such as yours.

Here are the guide links below, on how to {formtext: name=Guide to what we did\ }as we did today, as well as a few other guides that may be helpful.

Block reservations
Pausing reservations on the iPad
Flow controls ​​​​​​​
Setting up reservation availability
Holiday setup guide
Basic manager training
Experience setup
Controlling the availability with your experiences
​​​​​​​Evaluating the performance of experiences
Reservation booking policies
Managing cancellation/no shows
Setting up Stripe to take credit cards
Using the guestbook 
Guestbook and visit tags
Seasonal Promotions
Marketing your restaurant
Menu updates
Group account directory 
Setting up and managing dining areas
Direct messaging with guests
Floor plans
Managing table combinations
OpenTable In-Product Feedback
Restaurant sign in/ password reset
iPad app 101
Installing the reservation widget for OpenTable reservations
​​​​​​​Create QR codes on OpenTable
Manage your OpenTable billing within Guestcenter
Passcode setup and management
Managing OpenTable reviews

Case #{formtext: name=Case #}

Please let us know if we can help with anything else, by replying to this email, calling, or chatting with us, we're always here to help!

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