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I can see you have successfully integrated Afterpay with your website, congratulations!

We would love you to advertise your business on Afterpay's Shop directory which is a completely free marketing tool that gets over 10 million unique views a month. You will need to have at least one Afterpay transaction before you are uploaded to our Shop Directory as well as you need to complete the following form.

To maximise being an Afterpay merchant make sure your customers know you now offer Afterpay, you can do this via social media, newsletter, email and website banners and pop-ups.

I would recommend you to use the following to tools:

  • Brand Guidelines - Check out merchant guidelines on best practises on how to use our logo via your website and optimise your sales 
  • Marketing assets - Use our logo kit here and digital banner kit here for social media and website logo use. 
Please note, I have especially noticed a great success from our merchants after notifying their customers that they now offer Afterpay via social media (make sure to @afterpay and #afterpay for extra marketing exposure). 

Do get in contact with me should you have any questions.