Copy of Snippet "Incomplete documentation "

EOHC- Employee Contact 
Case Action:
Brought to Case by:
Documentation received
Customer Needs: 
EE submitted documentation for review

Resolution (Time Coverage, Pay and LSF Update):
Cm processed incomplete docs via decision page tool 

sufficient documentation not received to support leave 

LOA/STD dates pending:

Cm placed obc to EE to discuss the following: 
adv EE sufficient documentation not received to support leave, allowing additional days to get doc in. 

documentation due: {time: MMMM D, YYYY; shift=+7D} OR DAY 30

Adv EE letter contains documents to discuss with treating provider – Amazon forms are not required however documentation needed to support leave. 

Set doc expectations explaining LOA/STD60 cannot be approved until treating provider attests to the medical need of this claim.

Adv EE can communicate by emailing or the ERC is always available and documents can be emailed, fax or uploaded via a to z. 


In the event of a failed contact, what action/information/paperwork is required from the employee:
EE may have HCP complete the form providing missing information or send office visit notes which includes treatment plan
Decision Rationale:

VOC Survey was Offered, outcome (transferred or declined) :

Next steps and timelines:

Decision due: {time: MMMM D, YYYY; shift=+9D} OR DAY 30
Documentation due: {time: MMMM D, YYYY; shift=+7D} 
VIR-OH|rhodeda|Date:{time: MM.DD.YY} EST: {time: H}:{time: mm} {time: A}