Copy of Snippet "insert IV procedure"

Patient of Dr. Farrell, seen by this NP for procedure only since nursing staff can not establish IV access after two failed attempts. Since this NP is the medical director's NP, seen with permission by Dr. Farrell for IV placement.
2/15/2021 @ 1030
#22 gauge 1 inch peripheral intravenous line placed into left forearm
x 1 attempt
flashback observed & flushes easily without resistance
inserted at the request of don for iv hydration (sodium chloride 0.9% at 100mL/hour, total volume 1,000mL)
patient tolerated well, verbalized understanding of signs and symptoms of complications (redness, swelling, pain, ect) & advised to notify nursing of any concerns
Place Of Service:
31 - Skilled Nursing Facility
Procedure CPT Codes:
1.)E86.0 - Dehydration