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Intro to solids

Consultation with {cursor} regarding introduction of solids, Today babe is (age);
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-to start between 4-5 months when baby shows signs of readiness ; benefits explained
- Start with 1-2 tsp, increase volume as long as baby continues to meet their needs for milk intake
-respect child’s signs/cues or interest and disinterest and satiety. Limit meal times to 25-30 min  
-using expressed breast milk is a great way to thin out baby’s first purees.  
-aware to never add salt or additional fats such as butter, oils or margarine, may add herbs  
-always supervise a baby when they are eating.  
-signs of allergy and intolerance explained and aware to introduce 1 new food every 48 hours (2-day rule). 
-Will begin with iron-rich foods in a pureed form. Cereals, spinach, peas, lentils, meats, tofu
-at 5-6 months, introduce allergens: Peanuts, Eggs, Fish, 3 days each while increasing dilution from 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp
-re oral hygiene: offer 1oz water in sippy cup after meals; when teeth appear, brush them with grain of rice size fluoride toothpaste. Until child is able to spit, wipe out the toothpaste when you are done and rinse or wipe out the mouth.  
-at 6 months give larger pieces of food that baby can hold onto BLW and increase the texture of purees so they are thicker and include more chunks. By 7 months, fork mash the foods. By 9 months babies are developing their pinching skills so we can give them smaller pieces that they can pick up and chew (example: cheerios, grapes cut into 1/4s)
-hold yogurt/cheese until around 8-9 months, no cows milk until 12 months  
-by 9 months pieces (no more purees), 3 meals a day. Cereal with fruit or yogurt, toast, pancake etc, lunch, veggies and meat, dinner same (½ cup of food), cereal , by 12 months eat with family, babe still to get 500-750ml milk/day  
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