Copy of Snippet "Introduction"

I always use the bold header Introduction as part of a WordPress template for my job.


Here's a suggestion.

Put that text as the default in a formtext command, so that you have the option to either use that as default text, or edit is as needed.

{formtext: default=Introduction}

The bold isn't rendering properly here, but if you do what I did above and make it in bold, then run it, the word "Introduction" (or anything you put in the box) will render as bold.

Try it out and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping! Unfortunately I can’t quite understand your directions as I haven’t been here long. I need to visit the tutorial or man-pages.

Hey, no worries.

All you need to do, is change your snippet with what I created.

So, go to your snippet, and instead of "Introduction" just write the following:

{formtext: default=Introduction}

Then run the snippet and see what happens! :slight_smile: