Copy of Snippet "Introduction"

Hi Norma Lorena, I hope you are doing well.

It is for me a true honor to be able to address Actinver, one of the most admired financial institutions in Mexico.

I trust that Actinver Casa de Bolsa is already generating change and success within the financial sector and a great impact on its customers. Therefore, one of the strategies for 2022, is to keep focused, stay alert, and keep preparing for what the new normal has brought into our lives.

Virtual Environments, associated with Virtual Corporate Communities are a great example of what we were forced to implement, due to the pandemic. We believe "Reto Actinver" is an excellent candidate for the implementation of our technology.

Grupo Sinergis is a pioneer since 2016 in digital corporate communications and I would like to present to you and your Chief of Staff, the projects that we have done for MSD, Organon, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, DoTerra, GrĂ¼nenthal and many corporations in Mexico, who have implemented virtual strategies to cope with success, while maintaining their employees safe and communicated and to continue servicing their customers.

I assure you that your time will be well invested and that we will service your needs in a form that you have never imagined. I am an expert in virtual environments and I represent the leader of virtual environments,6Connex in Mexico and Latin America.

I am available HERE to set up a meeting the day and time of your preference.

Best regards,

Gabriel C. Boone