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Jamie Brod Bio

Jamie is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist and founder
of Mindful Kids NYC, a company that provides holistic speech, language, and executive
function consultation and therapy. She completed her Masters Degree at
Massachusetts General Hospital, and has worked in hospital, school, and home-based
settings. Jamie uses her educational and medical-focused background to employ
creative and individualized approaches to learning.

While practicing speech therapy with children of all ages; Jamie found that executive
function skills were often the missing link for academic, social-emotional, and vocational
success. Executive function skills allow kids to plan, organize, and execute a task -
while maintaining focus and shifting gears along the way. They provide a framework for
learning. Jamie saw that students become more motivated, focused, and engaged when
they are active participants in the the planning and goal-setting process of therapy. She
looks at each child holistically and loves to use mindfulness, music, and movement to
help kids feel empowered in completing daily routines independently, so that they can
allocate their cognitive resources for attention and learning.