Copy of Snippet "Justification for ESI"

The patient is an appropriate candidate for epidural steroid injection, a minimally invasive treatment in order to reduce patient's level of pain. This is the simplest and least invasive procedure for discogenic and radicular derived pain. It is based on the research that chemical and mechanical inflammation of nerve roots results in most extremity pain. These corticosteroid injections are targeted towards these nerve roots, in order to counter the inflammation and relieve the pain. The levels have been selected after careful evaluation of the patient's diagnostic studies as well as detailed physical examination. The goal of treatment is to minimize the effects of the patient's injury, prevent further disease, maintain or enhance the patient's functional level, allow patient to perform appropriate rehabilitation; decrease the amount of medication patient is on and promote safe return to normal activities as soon as possible. ADLs including bending forwards/walking/lifting is currently affected.
Pt has taken medications including NSAIDs and analgesics for > 4 weeks WITHOUT RELIEF
Pt has completed 4 weeks of conservative management including physical therapy, chiropractic care, and/or Home Exercise Program WITHOUT RELIEF