Copy of Snippet "Letter of concern for poor performance/ Company Dress Code"

To: Mr Lee Johnson
From: Directory Of Staff Aishia Jackson  
Date: 3/12/2022

Over the last several weeks, your manager informed us that your performance is suffering. This was a significant deviation from your past performance, and we’re concerned.

Your performance and success matter to us. Do you have the training and tools you need to accomplish your objectives? On Monday, human resources will visit your desk for retraining.

Continued poor performance will result in a formal warning as per our company policy. Let’s discuss your availability for retraining as soon as possible.also it was brought to my attention as well about the company dress code as said in the letter about your performance you need to follow the dress code as well we will be sending over the dress code policy handbook so that doing your retraining we will also go over the dress code as well.

Thank you for your time
Sincerely Aishia Jackson