Copy of Snippet "M1toM2 1st Attempt"

M1 to M2 Migration 1st Attempt

Hi [name],

After hearing about [company name] and learning that your [domain] site is still on the old version of Magento 1, I thought it would be important to get in touch with you.

Support for Magento 1 ends in June/2020 and many of our clients have already taken advantage of upgrading to Magento 2 which offers enhanced security, faster loading times, easier administration, and overall better performance.

Here’s an infographic that we put together that further explains why you should upgrade to Magento 2:

Would you be open for a quick phone call to discuss how an upgraded eCommerce site can help [company name] increase online sales and operate more efficiently? If so, feel free to book an online appointment with me or let me know when you would be available to chat.