Copy of Snippet "M2 Intro"

After hearing about XXXXXX and learning that your XXXXXXX site is running on the Magento platform, I thought it would be important to get in touch with you. We specialize in helping B2C ecommerce companies increase their overall ecommerce revenue leveraging the Magento platform. We are a Certified Magento Enterprise Level Partner and have the expertise and resources to assist with Magento 2 ecommerce migrations, upgrades, new site builds, ongoing support/maintenance, and Magento-optimized hosting. Our company brief includes:

  • We are 100% focused on Magento and have 55 Magento developers on staff specializing in front end, back end and integrations
  • Our lead developer has been named a 4X "Magento Master" by Magento (only 3 worldwide)
  • Winner of the 2018 "Most Innovative Customer Experience Award" by Magento -
  • We sponsor the Magento Imagine conference
  • We are on the board of the Meet Magento Association
Would you be open for a quick phone call to discuss how we can help XXXXXX increase online sales and operate more efficiently? If so, please me know when you would be available to chat.