Copy of Snippet "Met Safety"

The recent metformin recall is due to a contaminant compound called NDMA, which was found to be present in a few generic preparations of extended release metformin made by a specific pharmaceutical company. NDMA has been shown to possibly increase the risk of cancer if taken above the recommended daily limit over long periods of time (likely years).

This recall happened in early January 2021 and your pharmacy has already removed affected lots of medication and the metformin being given out should not be involved in the recall.

Overall, we believe metformin to be a safe and efficacious medication for those needing metabolic support when GLP-1’s are not available or tolerated. Metformin, while not primarily used for weight loss, has a long history of safety in metabolic support. Many studies have shown that people on long-term metformin actually have an overall decreased occurrence of many cancers.