Copy of Snippet "monoclonal"

Discussed monoclonal antibody infusion with the patient. Discussed that if the patient wants the infusion, then they will need to go to Olathe Medical Center infusion center and the infusion takes place via IV over the course of 1 hour. Staff will accompany the patient. Side effects can be hives, itching, infection at the infusion site, low bp, chills, nausea, headache, sob, wheezing, swelling of the face or throat, muscle aches or twitching. Explained to patient that itching or hives can be treated with Benadryl as needed and headache or muscle aches can be treated with Tylenol prn. Reviewed if gets the monoclonal infusion that a vaccine can not be given for 90 days from infusion. Patient verbalized understanding and states wiliness to obtain infusion.