Copy of Snippet "Multiple reschedules "

Hi <NAME>,

Hope you've been well!

I noticed you've had to reschedule our Coaching Call a few times. I wanted to check in and see if the session scheduled for <DATE> works for you?

If not - you can just reach out to me directly to book this call when you are ready. If you don't need the session that's okay too - our Support Team is available 24/5 for questions as you need.

This Coaching Call is a 1-time session to review any workflow questions you might have, but if you don't need the session or would prefer to do this at a later date, it would be best for me to close your Onboarding case for now and you to reach out to book when you are ready - so that I can ensure that all my clients have access to available sessions with me.

Let me know if you are able to make the session on <DATE> or if I can cancel it and you can reach out when you are ready.