Copy of Snippet "New Construction Title Company Welcome Email "

New Construction Welcome Email Title

This is the Template to the Title Company on New Construction that I use


My name is @Transaction Coordinator First Name @Transaction Coordinator Last Name and I'm the coordinator for @Agent First Name @Agent Last Name Please copy us both on all correspondence.

Will you be handling this file? Are there any other personal I can add to this transaction?

As we get closer to closing I will reach out again to be sure you have everything you need from us.

Items we request for our review and files are:

  • Preliminary settlement statement once it's available for us to review
  • After the transaction has closed: A copy of the final signed settlement statement and copy Redfin's commission check (if allowed by your company)
  • Confirm the buyer's signing appointment has been scheduled

A copy of the mutually accepted purchase and sale agreement is attached. 

Buyer Information
@Buyer First Name @Buyer Last Name 
@Buyer Phone 
@Buyer Email 

@Secondary Buyer First Name @Secondary Buyer Last Name 
@Secondary Buyer Email 

Our clients will be financing this purchase with:
@Lender Contact Info 

Here is the contact information for the Listing Agent:
@Listing Agent First Name @Listing Agent Last Name 
@Listing Agent Email 
@Listing Agent Phone 

Buyer Agent Commission:

Purchase Price: @Final Price 
Commission:@Buyside Commission Amount (@Buyside Commission Percent )
Please note, Redfin does not charge any additional fees

Send the Final Signed ALTA and Commission check to:

Redfin Corporation, Attn: Accounting Dept
1099 Stewart St, Ste 600
Seattle, WA 98101
We look forward to working with you!