Copy of Snippet "New Escrow Deal Notes V2 (Sellside Long Version)"

PC Ref Date: 
B-1) 1st Deposit:  
C-2) 2nd Deposit:   
E-2, E-3) PV:
E-4) Furnishings: 
F-2) COE:
H-1a) Verif of Cash Funds:  
H-2) Cont. of Cash funds:
H-4b) Financing CLA:
H-4c) Final Loan Approval:
I-1b) SRPDS Due + Amended +
I-3) Receipt + Respond + Amended +
J-1) Inspection:
J-3) FWT: 
J-8) Removal of Items: 
J-9) Cleaning: - No receipt due
J-10) Pet treatment: 
K-1) Staking: 
K-2) Land Survey: 
L-2) Termite: + Buyer Select - Seller $
M-1) HOA Due: Receipt +, Review +
N-2) Rental Docs: + Review +
T-2) ***Counter: 

Initial Audit Notes:


***Extensions (Update Closing Date and all Milestones in Deal Room)

***Earlier Targeted Closing Date