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Hello....We hope this email finds you having a good day.

I wanted to reach out and introduce myself, My name is ( Insert Name) and I work with Jim Turner at The JTP Agency. I will be the main point of contact and will be your primary point of contact throughout this H2B Summer Season. Obviously, feel free to reach out to Jim as needed, however, I am available to assist you as needed. I will be the one setting up your In-Country Interviews as well as keeping you updated with your Out of Country candidates (If you have an Out of Country filing).

There are a few items that we need to make sure we are serving you well. They are as follows:

  • If you are filing an In-Country petition
    • 1 Page Flyer - Please see the attached Flyers as examples. This is needed in case the workers being recruited would like to see your property and want general information. Most of the properties are/have created something like this so it would be in good practice to be the same. Keep in mind, this season will be very competitive and every little item can help
  • In & Out of Country Filings
    • Job Descriptions - These are possibly called by different names ( Recruiter Information Sheet, Job Availability Report, Etc.) by your attorney. Essentially they list the requirements of the position, pay, housing, etc. This is important since if there is experience required, the workers have to have the exact experience needed and provide proof to USCIS when the petition is submitted. We will attach a few examples with the client information blurred out for your convenience.
  • Interview Process
    • Zoom Interviews - If you will be conducting your Interviews by Zoom, we will reach out and coordinate the best day and times for those Interviews. We will reach out and ask you to please give us a block to time that you are available (Ex. M,W,F from 2-4pm). We will then schedule any interviews during those times and provide you with the Zoom link and resumes prior to the Interviews. 
    • Out of Country Recruitment Trips - If you will be travelling on an Out of Country Recruitment Trip with us, we will reach out to discuss the details. This would only be for those clients with approved Out of Country petitions that want to conduct face to face interviews instead of Zoom.
Here are a few items you can expect from us

  • Weekly Updates 
    • You will be receiving Weekly detailed updates from us by email that lets you know where you are in the process in relation to candidates Interviewed, Job Offers sent, etc. There will be