Copy of Snippet "Onboarding stage 2"

Hi {formtext: name=name},

Great speaking with you earlier. Here are the remaining three steps for getting your profile published and ready to accept bookings.

1. Calendar
i) Log into Acuity at
You username is your email and your initial password is:
{formtext: name=passmot}
ii) Click Sync with other calendars and follow the steps.
This means you cannot be booked when you have other events scheduled, and bookings go straight into your calendar for easy reference.
iii) Click Availability and:
a) set your hours of availability, i.e. which days and times can people book.
b) set your scheduling limits, e.g. minimum 24 hours advance notice for a booking, up to 4 weeks in advance.
It's fairly intuitive, but, I've recorded a video guide here to whizz you through the process. Any questions, let me know.

2. Check your website bio
Head over to your page and review your draft profile:
{formtext: name=profile url} 

Let me know if you would like to add any videos to it, see any typos, or want to add anything to it.

3. Store your Zoom creds
Your user email is: {formtext: name=Zoom email}
Password: {=passmot}

Let me know when you've done the above and we'll go from there.

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