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Ottawa Knee Scoring

Ottawa Knee Analysis

  1. Age 55 years or older? {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=OKA1; cols=6}
  2. Tenderness at head of fibula? {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=OKA2; cols=6}
  3. Isolated tenderness of patella? {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=OKA3; cols=6}
  4. Inability to flex the knee greater than 90° ? {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=OKA4; cols=6}
  5. Inability to bear weight both immediately and in the emergency department (4 steps)? {formmenu: Yes; default=No; name=OKA5; trim=right; cols=6}
{if: OKA1=="Yes"; trim=yes}{OK1=1}{else}{OK1=0}{endif}{if: oka2=="Yes"}{OK2=1}{else}{OK2=0}{endif}{if: oka3=="Yes"}{OK3=1}{else}{OK3=0}{endif}{if: oka4=="Yes"}{OK4=1}{else}{OK4=0}{endif}{if: oka5=="Yes"}{OK5=1}{else}{OK5=0}{endif}
{`OK Score`=ok1+ok2+ok3+ok4+ok5}Ottawa Knee Score: {if: `ok score`>=1}>= 1 of 5, radiograph warranted{else}< 1 of 5, radiograph not warranted.{endif}