Copy of Snippet "Persuasive Rough Draft"

{cursor}/5 Full five paragraphs written
/3 Strong thesis statement provided at the end of your introduction that includes main ideas for the body of the essay
/1 At least one piece of direct evidence per body paragraph given from the sources provided
/1 Counterclaim included in body paragraphs

This is a good start towards your final draft. As you revise, remember a few things: You must include in-text citations for every piece of evidence (this includes direct quotes, paraphrase, and/or summaries); you need to avoid logical fallacies when proving your opinion is correct (see the live lesson recording for 4/10/2023 for help); and you must acknowledge and disprove a counterclaim in your argument to help strengthen your credibility. Finally, also remember that you must include a work cited page on your final draft. If your final draft does not include in-text citations, a work cited paged, AND a CMW link, then it will not be graded until these have been provided.